6 Casino Games with the Lowest House Edge


Fun is the factor alluring more people to the luxurious opportunities of gambling. Although all casino games guarantee entertainment, they aren’t equal in terms of the money spent or won. The payout percentage differs from one game to another depending on the machine’s design or game’s structure. The odds and house edge are the most crucial information you need to gather before starting with a game. Having a closer look at the casinos’ statistical advantage will help you plan your game’s budget and strategy implementation patterns. Let us look at the casino games with the lowest house edge.

1.      Blackjack


Variants of blackjack differ in the number of cards being distributed. A single deck game can improve your chances of winning since it has a significantly low house edge. In order to walk out with huge profits, you need to manage your bankroll properly and use the basic strategy in each round of the game. The maximum house edge of single-deck blackjack is 1.5%, which could be lowered further if you play well.

2.      Craps

Compared to other casino games, craps offer a low house edge. Brick-and-mortar casinos house massive tables for craps, and the interaction and excitement take the game to a whole new level of entertainment. Although the highest house edge is around 5%, the don’t pass/don’t come bets come with odds of 1.4%.

3.      Three-Card Poker

The speed of the game is the most attractive feature of this poker variant. Three cards are dealt to each player and the house, and the dealer’s cards will determine the payouts. King high has the potential to push your profits into huge numbers. But it is always best to play Queen high, which involves lesser risk and fairly good chances to make profits. All these sessions offer a house edge of only around 1.5%.


4.      Baccarat

If you are looking for a no-frills game but do not want to play slots, baccarat is the best option that offers you some extra action. Players are only allowed to choose the banker, player, or a tie to wager on. Player bet is the best option you have in baccarat because the Banker bet has an added fee. Using effective strategies throughout the game can bring down the house edge up to 1.5%.

5.      Video Poker

The only game that offers a 0% house edge is video poker. Although it sounds a lot exciting, you cannot easily take all the money. Applying the right strategies is the only wat to bag the payout of the odds bet. Beginners might find video poker slightly challenging than other games because it requires skill. However, the versions like Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better offer great rewards to novices too. When played well, the house edge could hover around 0.5%, which could rise to 5% when bad decisions are made.

6.      Slots


Slots do not have high payouts like table games, but the machines bear the crown at casinos. New features add more fun to the themes, which gets enhanced with the free spins and bonuses. Various slots games are offered in casinos, and their house edge could range from 2% to 10%.

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